July 26th, 2006


The plumber's here!

I feel rather like Peter Wimsey, driven to exclaim "Oh frabjous day!" when Harriet tells him "Peter, darling, the sweep's here!" The plumber is here, so I will have a kitchen sink, and an icemaker (not really that high on my priority list), and perhaps even a dishwasher again. The plumber actually showed up "early", as Betsy's jobs run, as he got here around 8:30, instead of the usual 9:30 or 10 or later that Betsy's carpentry crews run to. And of course it was a morning I was running late, so I ended up brushing my teeth and flushing the toilet with the gallon of water I amazingly thought to draw from the tap before he turned off the water.

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Isn't it hot enough here?

I'm off to Boise next week for a committee meeting. Said committee had a conference call this afternoon (why that wasn't cancelled in view of the face-to-face meeting is a question to ponder), and the member from Boise told us the temperatures have been in triple digits for a week, but should cool off to the high 90's next week. Which will probably feel about the same as the low 90's with humidity that we're having in Atlanta. I'd hoped for some coolness, going that far north.

We will at least get some break next Wednesday, when we'll start the meeting early, end early, and go take a rafting trip. The water should help keep us cool if nothing else.