August 16th, 2006


Long day, with crises

The day started with a couple minor office crises (Yet Another Database Bug when we're trying hard to get this thing out to beta testing), then I headed out to go to a meeting with on a pilot project that I'm semi-involved in--no funding for this yet, but in the hopes the project will turn out to be big and get funded, I'm involved. Anyway, I went to one meeting at the offices of this private firm, then we all headed to a meeting with an official of Fulton County Water, which is held at the admin building for one of their extremely large wastewater treatment plants. Watch out while at the security gate, 'cause the sludge truck behind you is coming through...

Anyway, had an interesting meeting discussing the data they have available and will share on their water and wastewater systems (database of thousands and thousands of manholes, with depths, coordinates, and surrounding land cover, for instance...or the videos of the inside of every sewer pipe they own, taken every 5 years), and tomorrow I'll be out with some of these guys going to each of the water facilities we're interested in. I had my choice and picked water over wastewater, thanks. When the meeting broke up I drove the 30 miles or so from this rather distant office to home, then scrambled to help make the chicken and goopy rice for dinner with the folks next door, and then to get to Jazzercise just a little late. Sister-in-law departed with two of her kids and one extra to got to karate classes.

After I left Jazzercise, the major crisis: a call from my sister-in-law saying she was on the way to the emergency room as it appeared that younger niece (age 10) had broken her wrist. I threw on other clothes, went next door to check on dinner (cooked on a timer, and almost done) and told older niece what was going on. Then it was off to the hospital to collect my nephew, see that it was the forearm, not the wrist, and that it was definitely broken, and depart. I then manned the home front for the evening--my brother went from work to the hospital with my blessing, so nephew, older niece, and I ate chicken and goopy rice, did a few chores, and then I nagged nephew until he got through the cleanup and bedtime ritual. (Older niece took her shower unprompted, and then waited up with me.) Sister-in-law and the injured niece finally got home about 10, wiped. My brother got to make the drugstore run--I didn't stay long enough to see him.

Now I'm for bed--got to be moving a good bit earlier than usual in order to be in Alpharetta (30 miles away in morning rush hour traffic) at 8:30.