August 18th, 2006


Pushing to finish

So much for "not much will happen this week"--there's been some small stuff all week, and today things are hopping. The laminate countertop backsplashes are installed, though a couple of ends need laminate to cover them. The last trim piece on the bookcases has been stained and sealed, and today re-sanded and had another finish coat. Joey the painter is here doing other touch-ups, like the strips the carpenter just attached to the door frame around the pocket door slot.

The electricians showed up fairly early to move the electrical service to the new attach point (I think--really, I thought they'd finished all the work on the service connection a long time ago). They needed to shut off the power for an hour so so, but as it worked out, sister-in-law called to see if I could sit next door with niece-of-the-broken-arm while s-i-l and my brother went to niece's school to negotiate her 504 plan for the diabetes. I took the load of wet towels, reading material, and relocated for the morning.

Gonsalvo the carpenter is here doing the thresholds, shoe molding, installing a register cover in one cabinet baseboard, and stuff like that.

Mary had been here earlier in the week cleaning (vacuuming sawdust from cabinets, stuff like that), and came back to go over my partial punch list with me. She also mentioned the "butcher job" the appliance installer made of the cabinet in the island, where the vent goes through the floor. I had thought it was badly done, but kind of shrugged and figured it wasn't going to get better. Mary spotted it, and now has ordered a new bottom for the cabinet, will have Betsy's people install it, and the appliance company will pay the bill, it seems. I'll just stand here out of the way...

Anyway, we're getting close. I may start putting things in some of the cabinets over the weekend, and need to talk to the granite place about a sealer to use on the countertops before the temptation to move stuff on them overwhelms me.

Second grade

At my nephew's school, the second graders are divided into tables for various activities, and every 9 weeks the tables change. Each table group gets to come up with a name for themselves. My nephew informs me that the other tables in his class are called Tigers, Jaguars, and Daredevils, IIRC. Nephew's table is the Undead Chicken Spirits.