August 24th, 2006


Punch, punch, punch...

When I got home around 6:30 last night, Jim(?) was still there, working on things like cabinet door alignment and misc. painting--the cover for the electrical panel, and staining the closet rod. The bad countertop has been repositioned to eliminate the badly patched area, with only a little more caulking in the gap than might perhaps be ideal. They got the extra shelf into the cabinet over the fridge by cutting the shelf in half, then adding new clips to hold up the 2 pieces.

I started checking over my version of the punch list, and marked a few more than half of them as done. Collapse )

Still working on getting the bookcases functional, too. Collapse )

The IRS is back...sort of

Back in June I got this mysterious letter from the IRS referring to some letter that I don't remember sending them. This one says:

Dear Taxpayer:

We previously sent you a letter concerning your inquiry received May 10, 2006. Although we try to respond quickly, extensive research is often required. At this time we are unable to provide a complete response because:

Due to heavy workload, we have not yet completed our research necessary to resolve your inquiry.

Please allow an additional 45 days for us to obtain the information we need and to let you know what action we are taking....

If only I knew what the heck my inquiry was supposed to be!

The blue signpost disappears

The porta-potty's gone! No more smelly blue box taking up a chunk of my driveway!

And they've left the official punch list draw (bill)--this gets almost all of it, with a small reserve to be paid once the punch list is completed.

Almost there...