August 26th, 2006


Not yet, not yet

I got myself moving Friday morning thinking the contractor's people would show up early. Nope--just the scheduled "first call" HVAC routine service, and then Georgia Power showed up around 9 to make the final switch-over of the electrical service connection. Around 11:30 I called Mary to see what was happening, and she said someone was on their way back from Jasper (in north Georgia) with the last trim and the floor of the island cabinet. I headed off on to Weight Watchers and then on a long round of errands.

Got work crew. Mary finally called after 4 with a sigh to say, "You know things don't always go according to plan..." So Monday's now supposed to be the push, and the cleaner, and maybe the final DeKalb County inspection.

Mary called back sometime after 6 (on a Friday night) to say Betsy asked if she (Mary) could come pick up the "punch list draw" check--this amount gets almost all of it, with about $1,000 held out for completion of everything. I wrote the check and left it for her, as I was bouncing back and forth between my house and next door cooking at both places.

Christening the kitchen

First baking in the new oven: the nephew's birthday cake (he's now 7). As I haven't moved anything in yet while waiting on the punch list work and the contractor's cleaner, the cake process included such things as checking the kitchen inventory made while packing to see what could be obtained (cake pan yes, by turning one box upside down and opening the bottom--the pan was packed early; cooling rack no, so borrowed from next door), moving the KitchenAid mixer from the floor of the guest bedroom to the kitchen counter, and finding various odd-sized containers in the pantry to use for mixing frosting colors. The cake decorating tools live in the pantry (untouched by the remodeling) so those were easy to find, but the spatulas were in a box and had to be dug out.

Collapse ) A good time was had by all including the adults, as a lot of the outdoor supervision of the 7 year olds was done by the nieces and a few of their friends.