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September 4th, 2006

Unpacking, and misc. updates

Friday I'd hoped that Mary would come and seal the floor--turns out the noxious smell at at the end of the week was just from sealing the backsplash tile. I headed out to Weight Watchers just after noon, grabbed lunch, went to my hairdresser's and got a perm (with the bonus of watching a hummingbird repeatedly posing on a pole just outside her window), then ran multiple errands. Returned home to find...no activity.

Carpet contact, and appliance installation followupCollapse )

Unpacking all those boxes...Collapse )
I've discovered that gardening, jigsaw puzzles, and kitchen unpacking are all activities that I have a very hard time stopping, 'cause there's always just one more thing that follows from the last thing done...


Labor Day Weekend

Spent at home and vicinity--no trips, no Dragon*Con (even though I debated going for one day to meet Elizabeth Moon and Esther Friesner who were both there).

Decatur Book FestivalCollapse )

first Ga. Tech football game of the season...Collapse )

...and a musicalCollapse )

And the final weekend activity to mention was moving Summer, the younger of my brother's dogs, back to her yard. And again. And again. It seems once Summer figured out how to get into my yard, it became a haven for whenever the older dog got too alpha. We thought she might be jumping the fence (it's a low chain link) or the gate, but B. spent the afternoon filling holes along our common fence line, and thinks that the deepest one might be how Summer was getting in. Out. Whatever. He's filled the holes and put concrete pavers along the base of the fence, and Summer has been scolded and put on a tie-down after 2 incursions, so perhaps between barriers and behavior modification she'll be convinced to stay in her own yard. We'll see.


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