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September 13th, 2006

Waiting on the granite guy

The last few details take forever....

With the assistance of my contractor, I finally got to talk to the granite guy about the bad cut in my countertop at the slot for the downdraft vent, which has a triangular hole (a small one) in one place and a crack that isn't covered by the vent apron in another. Unfortunately, I'd already paid the balance of the bill when we found these, so I don't have a lot of leverage to take a hard line stance like "replace the island countertop". And I don't really think it needs that, but an unobtrusive fill of the holes with a dark epoxy would be nice. Emphasis on the "unobtrusive".

Granite guy is due at 11, so I'm working at home until he gets here (got a database retrieval running in the background as I type).


Waiting, waiting

While waiting on granite guy, and on the database retrieval, I'm also on hold waiting on support for the agency online learning system. Got two courses to take before Friday, and this morning at home seems ideal. Except that the system can't seem to recognize that my Mac browsers do indeed have Java enabled...

I've been on hold for about 15 minutes at this point. Am glad I bought the headset for the home phone.


Granite guy

Granite guy did show, though someone called to say he'd be late around 11:05--he got here about 11:30, I think. He admired the kitchen, including a comment (after I'd said I had been worried about the stone being overpowering) that this was the least so he'd seen. Or something like that--maybe it was "most subdued use of it". Well, I take it as a compliment--he also said that with black cabinets, the stone can be too much.

results of visitCollapse )

Award in absentiaCollapse )

And some errandsCollapse )
Big milestone: first meal for others cooked completely in my kitchen and eaten in my dining room (which is now cleared of most detritus from the remodeling). Nothing fancy, just salads, crockpot chicken, broccoli, and baby lima beans, with mac and cheese to supplement the kids plates. But cooked on the new cooktop, with my utensils and pots and all that.

Buying new carpet

I'm still pursuing new carpet for my living room. I've been to Betsy's wholesale place and brought home some samples, none of which really grabbed me. (My shopping for carpet is turning out to be a negative space: not the plushy stuff that shows every footprint; not the harsh feeling stuff; not the uniform solid color that will show every speck of dirt; not the jangly pattern; not something so high that the patio door would have to be cut down.) I had one that would do, but decided to make one pass at a Home Depot just to see a different selection.

HD possibilityCollapse )

Now, on to pricing. carpet+pad+installation=??Collapse )

I think I'll go to HD tomorrow and buy the carpet.



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