September 19th, 2006

fish bookcase

Cat places, and small progress on the punch list

Got a call from Mary, who was meeting Jeffrey from the appliance place at my house and (I thought) was going to do the last of the punch list, too. I asked her to talk to Jeffrey about the dishwasher--it not in-frequently leaves soap residue or the whole tablet after the cycle is done.

She called to report, and said that Fish was peering out of the green cat hut/bed, which is on the Cat Room counter. I haven't seen either cat go anywhere near that bed--Fish is usually sleeping in the blue cat bed on the laundry counter, which has a window view. Guess the green cat bed stays....

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Friday the carpet people are supposed to come and measure, then Home Depot will call me and I'll make the actual purchase. So far I've just paid a fee for the measure that will all be credited to the full purchase. And Friday afternoon the granite people are to come patch the problem areas.