October 8th, 2006


Another castle cake

Tonight was the annual neighborhood block party, this time with a Hawaiian luau theme in honor of the subdivision name (Diamond Head). Said theme was only present in the addition of a Hawaiian shirt contest and a limbo contest, in addition to the traditional cake walk. The hula hoop contest from the last couple of years was repeated, but seemed to have limited participation.

I wore my genuine Hawaiian muu-muu, which my grandmother brought me from Hawaii when she went. It gets worn about every 5 years, so even though it must be 25 years old or so, it's still in great shape. I didn't win the contest, however--I probably would have if the criteria had been "brightest colors" or "loudest effect"--a muu-muu has so much more square footage than a shirt, you see.

But anyway, I baked a chocolate cake in the castle Bundt pan for the cake walk. I used a different type of mix, and the result was rather full of air bubbles so the cake details didn't show very well. I decided to hide some of that with a chocolate glaze dripped from the ramparts. Must have worked--the first cake walk winner picked it from the selection of 15 or so offerings.