October 19th, 2006


More Sunbelt, and headed home

Days 2 and 3 of Sunbelt went well, but were sweltering. Wednesday morning another exhibitor proclaimed that the front that went through Tuesday would cool off the mornings--hate to tell ya, but that was a warm front. Highs yesterday were above 90°F and the humidity was almost 80% in the afternoon. Today was merely 87° with a lower 46% humidity, by the environmental monitoring setup in the next booth.

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Now I'm mostly packed, and my father is too. We'll get up fairly early, grab coffee, and drive to Tifton or so to have breakfast before going on to Atlanta. I'd like to get there in time for my regular Weight Watchers meeting, and maybe do a museum visit that both Daddy and I would like in the afternoon as the exhibit closes Saturday. Seeing it on Saturday is problematic, as Saturday morning is the Walk to Cure Diabetes . Any last minute donations would be welcome--actually they'll take donations for several weeks after the Atlanta event, so feel free to be late. <g> And many thanks to trolleypup for the earlier donation!