November 2nd, 2006


Week in a fog

It has not been a very alert week. Last weekend was my elder niece's bat mitzvah, with surrounding festivities and family gatherings, some of which was at my house. With the lead-up of getting house decorating, repair, and cleaning done, the actual parties left me wiped, and my week at work was somewhat foggy. Ending with today: I left my pocketbook with all ID, office cardkey, etc. at the office as I left at 5, and had to call and find a friend who was still there, ask her to wait until I got back there, and go and get it. Left the office originally at 5, got home the second time around 6:20. So much for Jazzercize this evening--class started at 6.

Here's hoping I'll get my brain back over the weekend...

Bujold list and LJ

For those Bujold listees who aren't up to date with the list: we're having another round of 'collect the LJ usernames', and I'm doing the collation of the list. It's up to 74 names, some of which were held over from the last time we did this in 2003. Here's version I posted to the list this afternoon--there've been some additions since then. I'll probably post an update tomorrow.
The omission of Malfoy's name and the spelling of Pouncer's handle have already been corrected.

If you'd like to be added, or if your username is still shown with an asterisk (from old list, hasn't spoken up this time as yet), or if your name was on the old list and you'd like it removed, just let me know.