December 1st, 2006


New cat in the house

I picked up the Cat Formerly Known As Linka (CFKAL) today, and the process of integrating her into the existing cat social structure has begun. I started by getting my sister-in-law to actually bring the carrier into the house while I was petting the other 2 cats, in an attempt to claim "it's not my fault". All the cat brushes have been lightly sprayed with an aromatherapy scent to try to make the cats smell alike. Maybe this helped--when s-i-l brought in the carrier, the cats observed each other from about a foot apart without any real reactions on either side.

The CFKAL has been settled into the guest bathroom, and after a short period of seeming scared of her new surroundings, now is comfortable. She naps back in the cat carrier, but comes out readily to play or to be held and purr. We've had one encounter between CFKAL and Fish, who pushed open the door when I didn't latch it. He came in, batted at a cat toy, checked out the water bowl, checked out the food bowl, and looked up to see CFKAL in my lap about 6 inches away. He took a hard look, hissed once, backed up a couple of steps, then hissed again. And then left the room. Otherwise, he's spent some time staring at the door from the outside, and he's clearly aware that A Change Has Occurred. Agatha on the other hand is paying no attention at all. I suspect this will change when she actually encounters CFKAL nose-to-nose.