December 2nd, 2006



Kitten is on my lap. Agatha is in the favored spot under the desk lamp where the heat feels good. Much growling (from Agatha) has gone on, but at the moment both of them have their heads down to nap.

Fish is Not Being Seen.

Earlier today, I took the kitten with me into the living room where I was going to watch the ACC championship game (Ga. Tech lost--they had their chances, and didn't put it together). CFKAL seemed intimidated by the expanse of the kitchen and the Weird Room floors, so she stuck to the living room once put there, hiding under the recliner if I left the room, then emerging quickly to jump in my lap or explore the room once I returned. Best exploration: over behind the row of books on the shelf that holds the "books related to cats". If I'd only had the camera handy....

Towards the end of the afternoon when the sun left the basking spots in my bedroom windows, first Fish, then Agatha came looking for me. Almost identical reactions ensued: enter room, start towards me for some attention. Spot CFKAL. Stop dead, hiss. Back up a step or two, hiss again. Slowly turn and leave the area. CFKAL debated walking after Agatha, but thought better of it.

This seems to be a household of beta cats...