January 30th, 2007


AI in search engines

I tried a search on my library's Web site for the book The Crusades through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf, subsequent to a discussion on Susan Shwartz's SFF newsgroup. And got back: "We were unable to find any titles that matched your search. Did you mean: cars through area eyes?"

I was shocked to find that cars through area eyes also failed to find titles that matched...

Fred's home!

Fred's home, well shaved (far enough up her sides to produce something of a greyhound look), and with a few pain pills. I'm hoping she doesn't need the pain pills, as she dropped the bottle in her water dish when I wasn't looking and they got wet. Am trying to dry them out on a tissue at the moment, and will then see if there's anything like a pill left.

Fish thinks she's an intruder--she doesn't smell like the cat that left the house this morning. He's been hissing and growling at her every time she gets within 5 feet. I've tried re-anointing both of them with the scent I used to help introduce her, but that had no effect. Agatha hisses, too, but then she always does.

Fred is moving around easily but is in dire need of head scritches. The incision needs to be watched for heat, swelling, or seepage, but beyond that she should be done--the stitches are internal so they don't have to be removed (and she can't pick at them). And she should no longer be bothered by those hormonal surges.