July 19th, 2007


Wednesday evening in Boise

The week progresses. The business meeting is going fairly well, though one of the major tasks we need to finish is going to require more discussion and work--won't be finished this week. The other major task, however, should get done. A side task assigned to me personally will get shunted aside to work on the first thing, and I'll have to try to work on it back in my own office. But there's never time to do that....

On the recreational side, most of us (7 of the 11, I think) went to see The Tempest at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival last night. Collapse )

Collapse )

*This was my first experience with a Greenshow--it's a tradition that dates back to Elizabethan theater, and is a warm-up performance traditionally held on the grass outside the theater. But the grass is *inside* this theater...