August 18th, 2007


New curtains!

Not new curtains at my place, but at my father's. We've been trying for months to get new curtains up in the dining room, where the old curtains literally were in shreds in places--the old fabric was disintegrating from time, sun, and dirt. Collapse )

I've also cooked to re-stock the freezer with Chicken Kyoto and Beef in Wine (we had some of this for dinner, too), and will make a chicken with lemon and garlic tomorrow before leaving that will also leave leftovers. We've cleaned assorted ancient bottles from a corner of the closet. Manischewitz blackberry wine, anyone? How about the home-made 'red grape' wine, vintage 1983, from an acquaintance? The plum wine with a layer of sediment/other deposits? We tried the 1988 chardonnay, but poured it out after part of a glass. I threw out rancid olive and canola oil from the pantry and suspicious chicken bouillon powder before making the grocery store run. With the sporadic cooking that happens down here, periodic purges of the fridge and pantry are necessary.

As soon as the dishwasher finishes up, I'm setting up the coffee pot (on a timer--must have caffeine before any significant morning activity, like fully opening the eyes) and headed to bed.