August 31st, 2007


Gingerbread scones

Over on pegkerr's LJ arose this thread on craving cream tea. And aome posted a recipe for Gingerbread Scones in the comments, and that hit several of my weaknesses: ginger, gingerbread, scones, and bread in general.

So, younger niece and I made scones this evening. Haven't eaten one yet (this was a post-dinner baking project), but they aren't what I expected: more like a somewhat drier than normal, flat gingerbread, and none of the biscuit/scone character. Good gingerbread flavor, though, judging from the crumbs I nibbled on. The dough was wetter than it should have been (Atlanta's high humidity, probably) and I couldn't cut it into wedges for baking--that may have cause some of the difference.

I'm hoping I can find that jar of lemon curd in the pantry, and I'll have a very indulgent breakfast for the morning. Then I'll be off to the Decatur Book Festival for most of the day.