March 24th, 2008


Dragged back into droughts

Drought hydrology isn't really my thing, though I somehow ended up doing some drought analysis a few years ago--mostly pulling together some data, and looking at what parameters might could be used for a semi-early-warning-system for a growing season drought. But all that passed, and other than answering questions about it from the cooperator every now and then, I haven't been working on droughts.

But now I'm going to have another spurt (not a good word for this, I guess) of drought stuff. At the end of April I'll be one of 2 people representing my office at a NIDIS Southeast Drought Workshop down in Peachtree City, Ga.--that's about an hour's drive from my house or office (more with traffic). NIDIS is the National Integrated Drought Information System--which I heard about for the first time today. Guess I'll be learning a good bit more, soon.

Tomorrow I'm going to a noon-through-dinner symposium on Drought: Science and Policy down at Georgia Tech. This one I asked to attend, partly because of the workshop next month, and partly because I do find this interesting even if it's not my field. I'm also helping a co-worker put up an exhibit--we're a sponsor for the symposium, it seems, and so they asked for an exhibit. Today. For a meeting tomorrow. Luckily I used drought as the focus for last fall's exhibit at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition, so we dug those materials out and that will be it. No time to update the hydrographs for the last 6 months of data--it will have to do as it is.