August 31st, 2008


Decatur Book Festival, day 2

Paperbackswap's Atlanta group had agreed to a pre-book-festival meeting at the Decatur Ruby Tuesday's, at 11 AM. I swung by and picked up Cheryl, who has no car and would otherwise have had to depend on MARTA's limited Sunday bus service. She lives right on my path, so it was no problem at all. Only 5 people ultimately showed up--Cheryl and me, Richard the PBS founder with his son, and Mike. The other 6 or 7 who'd said they'd come weren't there. Or maybe someone showed after I left at noon...

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That was my last event--the only other thing I was interested in was another cooking demo, but it didn't start for another hour and a half and I'd exhausted the delights of the booth exhibits. And had enough heat and humidity. That's one major drawback to a festival held partly outdoors over Labor Day weekend in Georgia--it's going to be hot.

Wild-caught Duainfey

Duainfey in the wild Spotted and captured in the wild: one copy of Duainfey, by Lee & Miller. Next to it on the shelf were the new Ace editions of Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon, also first sightings for this observer. Those were left undisturbed for future hunters.

Field location: Borders in Buckhead (Atlanta).