January 5th, 2009


Brief sojourn at home

My younger brother returned from his visit to in-laws on Thursday, and drove down to Moultrie Friday night after visiting his office and collecting some files. I left Saturday morning for home. Now I'm packing to go back--brother has a jury duty summons for Wednesday. I have to take (well, lead) a conference call tomorrow from 12-2, but then will leave my office, throw the suitcase into the car, and hit the road.

Tomorrow morning is the appointment for taking out my father's catheter--brother will deal with getting him there and back, and will either stay with him until I get there or if things are doing well, leave earlier knowing I'm on my way. I'll be there until at least Friday, I think, and probably will be back next week for the next doctor's appointment where test results and treatment options will be discussed. Older brother the doctor is flying down for that, too.

The cats will be upset--they haven't gotten over their upset from last week, in fact, and are clingy and demanding. I have managed quite a list of chores in my 57+ hours at home (so far), but the cat-reassurance task is fated to be incomplete.