April 6th, 2010


The ridiculousness of pollen season in Atlanta

Atlanta, the city in the trees. My favorite slogan for my town, but it has its drawbacks.

Last week in Denver, with nothing apparently blooming, the pollen count was "high". Anything pollen count over 120 is considered extremely high. Today in Atlanta, the count was 2,967. There's a yellow haze over the parking lot at work...and the pine pollen hasn't even started yet. Grass is about due, and that's my allergy. Of course, with counts in the thousands almost anyone can react to it.

Bujold, and Sayers, and Heyer...in German

For quite a while I've had this vague project of improving on my little knowledge of German left from 2 semesters of 'reading German' in grad school. My idea was to buy translations of a few books that I know very well, and try to read through them without (hopefully) needing a dictionary for every other word. This project had only progressed to the purchase of Bujold's Mirror Dance a few years ago (did I buy that on the family trip to Germany back in 2001?) and a handful of children's books. Then when I got involved in PaperBackSwap, I decided to add Der Kadett (The Warrior's Apprentice) to my wishlist. You never know what might turn up on PBS.

Sometime later, I got filkferengi into PBS when she expressed the need to reduce her book inventory. She spotted Der Kadett on my list and got the tale of my project. Now in retaliation appreciation for telling her about PBS, she has just sent me a box of books in German. 12 Georgette Heyers, 3 Mary Stewarts, 3 Marion Zimmer Bradleys (one's an edited anthology). Oh joy, 3 Dorothy Sayers. (Gaudy Night! The Nine Tailors!) And 8 Bujolds--including Der Kadett, with what I consider the worst Bujold cover. So deliciously bad....

If anyone out there has a similar wish for reading in German, I'd be willing to share some of the Heyers, or the Mary Stewarts. A few of those are not favorite reads, and I've now got plenty of material for my self-education project.

Vielen Dank, filkferengi!