June 23rd, 2010


Prep day

Today was not very productive, as most of the afternoon was spent wrestling with two different printers trying to produce sufficient copies of various handouts for tomorrow's three meetings. We didn't get all that we intended, but hopefully we have enough. We went straight from the office to dinner (at Amphora, a Greek diner), then to our hotels.

6:30--meet in lobby where Eric, who heads up this overall project, will pick us up. (He's at a different hotel.) Go to USGS HQ and grab breakfast in the cafeteria.

7:30 Catch the Interior shuttle downtown to the main Interior Bldg. Drop our suitcases and laptops with someone who will watch them for the day--apparently you don't want to try to carry electronics into the Department of Energy bldg at least, as it greatly complicates an already arduous security process. Catch a taxi to an EPA bldg.

9:00 meeting at EPA--4 of us from USGS, 5 or so from EPA. We're just planning to introduce who we are and what work we're doing on thermoelectric power plant water use. The EPA contact would like a more substantive discussion. Susan thinks we can limit this meeting to 30 minutes. I...doubt this. OTOH we probably need to be out of be building by 9:45 to make the next meeting.

Catch a taxi to the Forrestal Bldg.

10:30 Meeting with a policy group at Dept of Energy coming late to the thermo water use party, who we made contact with when they sent an email requesting some data. We put them in contact with the other DOE group we're working with, but this will be another 'who are we and what are we doing' meeting. After this meeting, find the DOE cafeteria and eat lunch.

1:00 Purpose of trip--meeting with a group of mostly DOE EIA (Energy Information Agency) people. The agenda has 4 items on it, we expect to get through 2 of them. Need to leave in time to catch a taxi back to Main Interior for Eric to catch the last shuttle to USGS at 4:30. He'll pick up his car and drive home to New Jersey.

ca. 4:30 Susan, Tim, and I walk 5-6 blocks to a Metro station ( unless there's an afternoon thunderstorm in progress, in which case a taxi will be employed). Susan goes to Union Station to take a train to Baltimore for a weekend with her sister before flying home to Memphis, Tim and I go to National Airport to fly to Nashville and Atlanta, respectively. My flight's at 8--if we are way early, I'll try to get on the 6 pm. Or the 7 pm. It's a shuttle flight leaving on the hour, but the 6-7-8 pm flights look pretty full.

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