February 6th, 2017


My tweets

  • Sun, 12:28: Moved over to Hyperion Theater for the Frozen sing-along. With Charlie in the scooter we took back row seats which still gives a good view
  • Sun, 14:19: Frozen show ended just before our Star Tours FP, so we headed there. Scooter entrance takes you in efficiently, then to exit side to board
  • Sun, 14:20: Star Tours: we got Wookie planet and Naboo. Haven't been to Naboo in a while...
  • Sun, 14:22: Going to Epcot and will use the Express Transportation, found the HS portal in a corner of Rockin Rollercoaster, got the Brossys signed up
  • Sun, 14:23: Epcot busses leave on the hour and half hour so had to wait 25 min.
  • Sun, 15:01: Our group of 4 and two parties of 2 on the Express bus to Epcot. Love this service at this price.
  • Sun, 15:05: Living statues interact a lot. This one touched a girls head from behind, then got her mouse ears. https://t.co/sLu57zFTm8
  • Sun, 15:06: Two different bronzes. https://t.co/2wMGqJSzAa
  • Sun, 16:23: We walked around World Showplace to Germany and got 4 of the short rib/parsnip/broccolini plates, then on to a shady table at America to eat
  • Sun, 16:24: Short rib was excellent, good combo as well.
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