August 28th, 2017


My tweets

  • Sun, 13:27: Spotted an Alakazam raid as I pulled out of KLP. Tried solo twice, couldn't quite make it, a car of 4 players pulled up and we won easily
  • Sun, 14:58: Kory told us the outlet mall was a spot to look for Heracross, so that was my next stop. Alas none spotted.
  • Sun, 15:00: Disney outlet store was a madhouse with the line to pay stretching thru what seemed like half the aisles--I didn't even look at pin lanyards
  • Sun, 15:01: Headed to Disney Springs to wander a bit, maybe find a snack, definitely need a cold drink. Rain shower just hit, hope it will be done soon
  • Sun, 20:36: Spent a nice interval in the A/C at Starbucks with an iced coffee, then did a circuit of Disney Springs in search of Heracross or Corsola
  • Sun, 20:43: Long story short, have found no more of the Pok�mon regionals since the first few.
  • Sun, 21:47: Decided on Raglan Road for dinner--already eaten at Homecoming 2x this trip. Found a seat at the bar, able to see the band and dancers OK
  • Sun, 21:49: Dinner was an "Irish egg" (not Scotch as it's an Irish pub) and roaster Brussels sprouts w bacon and almonds.
  • Sun, 21:50: As I finished eating, spotted a Zapdos raid towards the other end of Disney Springs, at the now-dead DisneyQuest
  • Sun, 21:51: At DisneyQuest, found a group of 5 Pok�mon players trying to gather a large enough group for the Zapdos. Eventually had 11 or so in the raid
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