Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Waiting not so patiently...

The new toys have been ordered. The iPad, the work laptop, and a 27" iMac are all in process, along with a few related toys. Pent-up demand, me? The last serious electronic toy was the iPod Touch, now about a year and a half old. My iMac G4 (the lamp model) dates from 2002, an eternity in computer years. The work PowerBook G4 is newer--made in 2005, might have been purchased in 2006.

Now, the waiting. The work laptop, as previously reported, was ordered, returned, and a newer model ordered. I have no tracking info on this process, all handled by our computer section. Probably just as well, lest my head explode.

I ordered the new iMac last Thursday with extra memory, which delays the shipping. It left California Monday and should be delivered Friday. The all-in-one printer and an Airport Extreme were delivered yesterday, but I've left them boxed up while trying to clear part of my desk and plan the re-arrangement of cords. Oh, and I got a *real* UPS locally, long a deficiency of my home setup.

The iPad was ordered after Tax Day stress, but is the model promised to ship at "the end of April". MacRumors reports that orders placed before April 18 will be delivered Friday, so I should get mine then. I'd like to get it set up and take it on my trip to Columbus, OH the first part of next week.

As you might guess, I'm not leaving the house Friday until FedEx gets here!
Tags: computer, imac, ipad, toys

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