February 1st, 2019


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:43: Spent some time in the Emporium, then went over to the theater area for a pin trading gathering. This is new—CMs wi… https://t.co/QjC9L0cacf
  • Thu, 12:45: Forgot to say that John arrived about when we did, had solved his ticket problem at 1:30 am. Ticket was bought thru… https://t.co/6un9LYaHCz
  • Thu, 12:47: After pin trading, Doris and Charlie went to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. The rest of us rode Jungle Cruise… https://t.co/CYv3xhCHZR
  • Thu, 12:51: Met up at Pecos Bills for lunch around noon. I got a kid’s carnitas rice bowl which was carnitas, yellow rice, and… https://t.co/0ebEL7FM6H
  • Thu, 14:07: Finally crossed paths with Debbie in the Frontierland pin store! We’ve missed her on several trips as she was in NJ… https://t.co/gdTEEyuolB
  • Thu, 14:07: Off to its a small world, which everyone will ride. The have roll-on boats tho Charlie will have to transfer to a wheelchair.
  • Thu, 14:49: small world accomplished. Doris and Charlie are headdd back to the resort to rest, will have dinner there. We looke… https://t.co/UoQutoqfzQ
  • Thu, 16:19: Shannon, a former Cast Member, spotted a friend at Mine Train who let us use the FP line and ride. It’s a tight squ… https://t.co/Q9chGYwxMp
  • Thu, 16:22: Shannon left after Mine Train. Krissi, John and I rode the PeopleMover, then John decided to do Space Mountain in s… https://t.co/UfZaaJ5D9C
  • Thu, 16:28: PeopleMover ride showed us progress on the Tron ride going in beside Space Mountain. Tomorrowland Speedway is close… https://t.co/V48yF44RtP
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