Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Stormy travel

Lots of storms in Atlanta this morning, with flash-flood warnings out (though not as bad as far). I started this post at the airport waiting on my delayed flight to Columbus, OH, which was held up on its inbound leg. We finally took off, and arrived at 1:30 or so, not quite 2 hours late.

When I got to the local USGS office, though, I found I had it easy. This trip is for three of us working on a project to get together and look at the analysis to date. K., obviously, is based in Columbus. S. is based in Memphis, and was driving with her husband....via Nashville. They left Sunday morning expecting to get to Ohio that afternoon. Apparently they've spent a lot of time sitting in traffic going nowhere. When K. and I left for the day at 5, S. was still on the road but was clear of the flooding problem area.

Hopefully person 3 has arrived now, and we'll be able to work together tomorrow and Wednesday.
Tags: travel, weather, work

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