Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Where's the weekend going?

So it's not over yet, but somehow most of this long weekend has evaporated. What have I done? Went to exercise class Thursday night but not Friday morning, having concluded that I've been overdoing the Jazzercise--lots of body parts are complaining. Must find an alternative exercise to take up the slack...

So, Friday: went to a bookstore for 1 book, emerged $40 later. (Soooo typical!) Came home, read the target book, plus started the library book that follows it. Thought about gardening several times, but the rain would start just about the time I'd get outside. Cooked a new recipe for dinner (pork chops with Vidalia onions, pan deglazed with white wine and soy sauce) and invited my brother over to eat the second pork chop. Went through some of the stack of old newspapers in the living room and moved most to the recycle pile.

Saturday: wanted to go to the 8:15 Jazzzercise class, but decided to stay in bed another 30 minutes. Had oat groats (crockpot version) for breakfast, thinking of Miles. Did manage some gardening, mostly pulling liriope from around forsythia and phlox and assorted other stuff--I'm into the very front of the area I've been working on, and there are more desirable plantings to work around as I weed. Moved a couple of phlox (in bloom, not the ideal time to transplant) and ferns. Finished the library book, but then was moved to go read favorite bits from all the preceding books in the series. Went through some more old newspapers.

Sunday: slightly more productive. Did three loads of laundry at various points of the day. Loaded up all the recyclables and hauled them to the DeKalb Farmer's Market, then bought wheat grass (for the cats) and almondina cookies (for me--these have replaced Healthy Choice Fudge Bars as my "not too bad treat" of choice). Went to Home Depot and bought 6 bales of pine straw, then spread 5 of these in the yard where my liriope removal had left little or no mulch cover. Offered the use of my still-pine-straw-covered car to my brother to make his own pine straw run, then went along and bought some plants for myself. Went to Value Village, just to see what sort of clothes they had--ended up with 2 nice cotton shirts, very much in line with my usual work clothes, for a total of $6. Drove home in a thunderstorm to discover the power was out, so various chores requiring the use of electricity had to be postponed for an hour or so. Power restored, I headed out to the grocery store, came home and made dinner, then took a quick walk around the neighborhood. No fireworks this year--with the kids out of town, my inclination to avoid crowds overcomes the desire to watch pretty things go BOOM.

What hasn't been done: any of the backlog of work I wanted to make progress on. Haven't watched 1776 yet. Need to plant the new perennials. Pay bills. Clean off the desk. More house-straightening in advance of the cleaning crew, who will come on Tuesday. But then, there's one more day in this weekend, so I'm sure it'll all get done...

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