Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

And the ankle saga continues...

At last update I had a tentative diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome as a cause for my ankle/lower leg pain, and had had a cortisone injection. There was no relief from the cortisone shot, and actually things got a little worse--more frequent pain, a little more severe, and in a little larger area. All that wasn't immediately after the shot, and certainly worsened while I was in Columbus. Travel with its forced walking, lugging of suitcases, and so forth probably aggravated whatever it is.

I called the podiatrist from Columbus to check in, and we decided to move my appointment from next Monday to today. (I got back last night.) With the lack of response to cortisone, tarsal tunnel is probably out, and this is good. She says TT is very hard to manage without surgery. It looks like I'm headed back into the boot for a while, but first I did opt for an MRI to see if it will show the problem. Dr. E admitted that the results of the MRI are not likely to affect the treatment, but both of us would like to know what the problem is. I told her the boot would be more tolerable if I felt like I was on a definite treatment path for a known injury. In today's exam she thought she might be feeling a ksmall not on the achilles tendon, and definitely thought the area where I'm having pain was a little puffy.

I'll get the MRI tomorrow. The appointment was scheduled for 6 (AM!), but I got a call while in the grocery store after work (maybe 7 PM) saying they had a cancellation, and would I like to come at 9 instead? When I agreed, the scheduler said "the ladies will appreciate it", so I guess no one really wanted to get started that early. Dr. E said she should have a report on Monday and will call me. Meanwhile, she told me to wear the boot during Saturday's yard sale, and I think I will extend that advice and also wear it during tomorrow's garage-cleaning and other sale preparation. (I'm trying to get rid of several pieces of furniture to make room for stuff from Moultrie, and sister-in-law is doing the same. The neighborhood sale came along at just the right time for everything except for enough prep time, so we'll get together what we can. Every item sold will be a plus.)
Tags: ankle, medical, yard sale

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