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The Gâteau Breton post belonged over on my cake blog, to which I have now copied it. I may have to give up using Mars Edit to compose both LJ and Blogspot posts if I keep doing this. ME doesn't work well for LJ anyway as it doesn't support tags, so maybe I should stick to XJournal for LJ, ME for Blogspot. Or look fro another LJ client--what I like about ME is that is saves draft posts within the application, where XJournal expects me to save things out to a separate file (and then remember to go back to that file, if I can find it).

Second annoyance, first significant iPad problem: I can't get a 3G connection now that I'm home in Atlanta. I see similar reports on the Apple support blog from people who started a 3G contract in one city and then can't connect elsewhere, so I' have a Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow. The support board thread reported various strategies with mixed success, up to the guy who got a replacement iPad out of it.

Otherwise, the iPad continues to be a Marvelous Toy (it goes zip when it moves and bop when it stops....). Quick email checks, RSS feed reading, general web browsing, games, all are great. I"m still looking for a note-taking solution that works for me, and the ebook situation will need some inventorying of my current collection by format, and a more careful evaluation of the features and formats of the iPad reading apps. Currently I'm reading slightly fuzzy text in iPhone versions of Stanza and eReader, neither of which look likely to come out in iPad versions due to corporate politics--Stanza has been bought by Amazon, eReader and Fictionwise by Barnes & Noble, both of whom have their own dedicated hardware and accompanying software. Both the Kindle app and iBooks are nice and crisp, but have various Issues. Still investigating...


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