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Page proofs!

I headed into work planning to (finally) get down to business on the data files I need to get on the Web. These were planned to be up in April, but other priorities keep intervening. And it's a task I really don't want to tackle, so any other priority that rears its head is seized upon as an excuse. I've now promised that the data files will be up this Friday. Found lots of tasks to do at home in preference to working on the files over the weekend, of course. Procrastination R Us.

And at the office today, a legitimate superseding priority! I'd forgotten that the page proofs for The Report had arrived last week. The cartographer went over them Friday, I had 'em today, then I FedExed them to the senior author in Memphis for her review. They should go back to the printer tomorrow, but we're going to hang on to them until Friday in the hopes of resolving one issue. No real rush, as the full text and a draft PDF of the print layout are both available on the Web.

But anyway, I spent the day re-reading the report One Last Time. I must say, it's gorgeous--by far the snazziest USGS report I've ever been involved with. It looks nice if you print the PDF file that's on the Web, but the photos on the proof sheets really pop. Can't wait until I have paper copies in hand to admire--reports on the Web are fine, and they are cheap, etc., etc., but I want a printed copy to make it real.


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