Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Ugh, travel

I'm in Reston, Va., or close--really almost at Dulles airport. I have meetings all day tomorrow at USGS headquarters just down the road, then Thursday a group of us have meetings downtown at an EPA office and two Dept of Energy offices (the DOE meetings are in the same building, at least). I'll fly home from National airport Thursday night.

The flight up was easy once I made it to the plane. All parking at the Atlanta airport was full today except the hourly deck, so I made an excursion to the row of independent park-n-ride lots for a space and didn't have the extra time the shuttle takes factored in. I'm spoiled, as most of the time my brother or s-i-l give me door to door chauffeuring service. But they take off for Cancun Friday morning (I'll be back in time to give them a ride to the airport), and I figured short trip for me, let them keep on with the packing-- I'll just park in the deck. Not.

But I made it, and am using the iPad 3G for my email and Web to avoid the fee for in-room Internet. I still don't understand why more expensive hotels charge for internet access when the mid- and low-price places offer it free...

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