Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

"Alluvial plane", really? And what was that definition again?

In an editorial printed in the Atlanta paper on not subsidizing the development of flood-prone areas via national flood insurance ( is this lovely tidbit:

Longer term, the government should make it clear that it won’t help with any development of wetland areas within the “alluvial plane” (the area of land between the ocean and continental bedrock) — these areas help to protect Americans.

I support their points, but good heavens, didn't either one of them know better than
a) to write "alluvial plane" instead of "alluvial plain"
b) to define that term so nonsensically both as relates to its real definition and their argument?

Let's see: the area between the ocean and continental bedrock, if you'd like to call the hard-rock-at-or-near-the-surface of Georgia's Piedmont province "continental bedrock", would be 100-plus miles wide. Alluvial plains, of course, don't have much to do with oceans anyway, except as how the rivers that form alluvial plains often run to an ocean. But not always.

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