Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

They're trying

My HVAC company, Peachtree Service Experts, generally calls when it's time for a routine service visit. They always seem to call my home number (though the cell is in their records), and always when I'm not home. So there's a message to call back, and I usually don't get around to it for a while, and it's all a pain.

This time their message mentioned scheduling your own appointment on their Web site, and off I went. After finding my local office, I filled out the usual name/address, de-checked the "send me tips" box, and went to the appointment times fields. Date pulled up a calendar to pick a day--apparently any day in December would do, even though we're already on the 12th. I decided to get real and looked at the week of the 20th, and decided I'd probably try to work only half-days that week (pre-Christmas, plus I've a big excess of annual leave I'm going to lose anyway) so picked the 2-4 PM time. Then they wanted a second option--I picked another afternoon that week. No live check on availability--this goes in as a request with note that you might or might not get an email confirmation if your chosen time was available. Odd, I thought, but put my choices in my calendar and decided to be there if I didn't get an email.

No issue, however. The phone rang in 10 minutes and a scheduler told me my chosen times weren't available. We negotiated an option, and got it booked. Guess I'll just call their "we're available 24/7" phone number next time, if I'm going to have to talk to someone anyway. Maybe they'll get a real Web-based self-scheduling program one of these days....

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