Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

White night in Georgia

It started snowing here about 8 PM, I think, as younger niece and I left her house for mine. I agreed to let her drive me around the neighborhood a bit--her learner's permit is a week or so old and she wants to drive! We took a couple of turns around the subdivision streets as the snow switched to sleet, then back, and back again.

Winter storm road statusAbout 10 I looked out and the snow was steady, with more than an inch already piled up on my patio furniture. The prediction is for snow for a good bit of the night, then freezing rain and sleet. Atlanta will not be moving tomorrow: looks like it's not moving tonight. This is a shot of the Georgia Navigator road status at 11:30 PM--red triangles were mostly "all lanes blocked" (that'd be 4-6+ lanes) of interstate, plus closed roads because of ice. I, at least, know better than to take my Southern driving skills out into this stuff....

Just checked, and there's maybe 3 inches of snow out there, and for the moment it's not coming down. There's a lot more predicted for tonight and tomorrow, though. If the power stays on, I think it will be a good day to make bread and soup, and work from home.
Tags: snow, weather

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