Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

No wonder Borders has sunk

I took myself over to one of the 5 closing Borders stores to see if I could get a good price on one or more of the cookbooks that are on my wishlist, but I haven't been willing to shell out for yet. This particular store just entered the second wave of the "Going Out of Business" sale, at least according to the emails they are sending me, so theoretically there have been 2 price cuts.

I did indeed find several things in their cookbooks area, and I looked around for the pricing. Ah, signs are posted on each shelving unit, and the cookbooks are all....25% off. I can get all of them cheaper at Amazon, with no sales tax and free shipping.

Maybe I'll come back when the prices drop again, or maybe not. Amazon has Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table at 38% off list. Baked Explorations at 47% off. Sarabeth's Bakery (which I got for Christmas, thanks older brother!) at 46% off. Bittman's Food Matters at 37% off. Borders, which doesn't offer the special touches of an independant and isn't managing to compete with the online stores on price, seems pretty doomed.

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