Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Slow day on the intranet....

Web pages timed out all over the place, any page you could get to was draggingly slow, and mostly it was better to just give up and look for your information elsewhere....but these days, so much is only on the Web. Even our internal stuff, like meeting notes.

The problem? Kīlauea is erupting. Unlike the earthquakes site which is hosted on an external network of servers that can handle huge spikes in load like when So. California gets a noticeable shake and everyone with a computer (which would be most of the population) goes online to see how hard it was, the volcano pages are generally on our regular servers. Until they got those pages moved to a separate server this afternoon, it was pretty hard to get much done.

Those of us in Water just don't see the traffic that a spectacular volcano generates...even the load for a big flood pales in comparison.
Tags: work

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