Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Marketing FAIL: Aetna

My health insurance company, Aetna, has been trying to sell me on using various online tools. I've been ignoring these messages as I didn't see anytihng that looked useful to me in the brief blurbs they sent. Today, though, I got a postcard with the line "Health info on the go!" which I misinterpreted as possibly offering some sort of app that might help organize my health info. Oh, and the photo on the other side showed a woman, coffee cup in one hand, iPad with the logo removed in the other.

So, I go to the special web site to check this out. All that's there is a set of videos, one overview plus one for each of the 4 'tools'. There's no way to access the info except by watching the videos....which I won't do. Too slow, too low in content--just give me a text page with bullet points for the features, and I'll decide if whatever it is will be useful to me.

The best thing, though, is that the videos are all in Flash. The iPad, of course, doesn't do Flash. Maybe the tools themselves are Flash-free, but I somehow think I won't bother to check things out further.
Tags: rant

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