Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

MiniLoisCon in Columbus, OH

Had a wonderful, if small, MiniLoisCon in Columbus Ohio on Tuesday, with Sue W. and Wes M. (Wes is a lurker on the list.) We met up at my hotel's lobby, swiftly decided on the Chinese option, and repaired to Hunan House, which both Sue and Wes were familiar with. Lovely food, and they let us occupy that corner table for 2 hours with no pressure whatsoever.

So, we exchanged stuff--Wes had copies of the original publication of "Barter" (Lois's first sale) for me and Sue, and I had copies of the TrinoCon filk book for Sue and Wes. And we talked: on how we discovered Lois (Wes wins--he was introduced to her at a party while she was writing WA, and got to read it in progress), and the list, and list personalities, and educational backgrounds, and why we read Bujold, and business travel, and software/database testing, and other good reads of late, and styles of arguments, and our fathers' experiences in WW II, and European travel, and...and...lots more. I have got a picture to mark the occasion, though I can't get it off the digital camera until I get home tomorrow.

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