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Joys of Quicken for Mac

The newest MacOS, Lion, won't run the last full-featured Mac version of Quicken. I'm not jumping to Lion soon (maybe not for a long time, with this), but I started to do some research on alternatives nonetheless.

My biggest Quicken 2007 use is for the trust that was set up after my mother's death in 1997, which primarily tracks investments plus some bank transactions. I had about decided that the best thing to do was to convert to Quicken for Windows (which I'm already using the bookkeeping for my father's estate) because it would give instant file-sharing with my brother, a Windows user. Then I found this lovely bit on Intuit's web page about the Quicken for Mac/Lion issue. They give 3 options: #1 is Quicken Essentials for Mac, which does no investment history, #2 is Mint.com, which is some sort of real-time checkbook which does no history at all, apparently. Then #3:

Try Quicken for Windows
You can easily convert your Quicken Mac data with the exception of Investment transaction history. You will need to either re-download your investment transactions or manually enter them.
This option is ideal if you use Quicken to track investments.

Ideal? Manually enter all the investment transactions since 1997? I guess there are people out there who turn over their portfolio completely within the period that their broker maintains online transaction histories, but not me.

Looks like my broker has downloadable transactions for this account starting in November 2005....gee, all I'd have to manually enter is about 8 years of transactions. Right, that's ideal. For sure.


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