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  • Mon, 12:42: Sittin' on our Bwalk balcony with coffee and ham/egg/cheese croissant from Bakery, feet up. Off to hear the Vacation Club spiel shortly.
  • Mon, 15:52: Very negative experience w DVC guy, luckily over soon. On to MK for today's SotMK cards, now at Polynesian for lunch @ Kona Cafe.
  • Mon, 15:55: In MK pin-traded w Mickey in a stroller like the Duffy @ Epcot.
  • Mon, 18:12: Lovely lunch @ Kona--island chicken sandwich w sweet potato fries. Decided To repeat Halloween party tomorrow, now in MK doing SotMK
  • Mon, 20:18: Couple of SotMK rounds, got cookie ice cream sandwich @ Main St Bakery. Possible to eat without a mess, and huge. I left 2/3 of mine.
  • Mon, 20:20: Caught the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet as we headed out, always fun. Earlier caught the 3 o'clock parade, of the classic joke.
  • Mon, 20:21: Headed to Bwalk for a break fr heat, then to Epcot for more Food & Wine Fest
  • Mon, 23:18: Epcot: griddles Greek cheese w honey and pistachios. Melty cheese, honey, nuts what's not to like?
  • Tue, 00:13: Put some cash on wrist card for convenience. Australia: lamb chop w mint pesto, and tried a lamington after Bujpld list discussion.
  • Tue, 00:16: China: Mongolian beef steamed bun-- bun is flat and folded over. Messy but good. Pot stickers very good. Split both w K.
  • Tue, 01:29: Ended w Sam Adams Chocolate Bock walked out as Illuminations fireworks started & watched part of that from the path to Bwalk.
  • Tue, 11:56: Another Bwalk Bakery breakfast--toasted bagel w cream cheese. Brought back iced coffee for K.
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