Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Fish strikes again

Started a new medication today, which must be taken on an empty stomach and with no food to follow for 1 hour. So I get up, take the pill, and retrieve 2 muffins (a sort of banana-bran muffin made with a Kashi cereal) from the freezer to thaw a little in the intervening hour.

Fifty minutes later, I wander by the kitchen, and see Fish hurriedly jump from the counter to the floor. One partly-defrosted muffin has been extracted from the kitchen towel I had wrapped them in, and has been about a third eaten. Crumbs are scattered all around--cat teeth not being well-designed for eating muffins.

While Fish has a continuing problem of getting on the dining room table when I'm not home, I had seen no evidence of him getting on the kitchen counter, even though I occasionally let very tempting stuff sit out for more than an hour, unguarded, during dinner prep or mealtimes. Why did low-cal high-fiber muffins entice him when chicken or beef did not?

Strange cat.


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