Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Italy, coming soon!

My poor LiveJournal just can't seem to get regular updating, a combination I think of a shift in my work pattern (longer hours, more stress, but interesting stuff going on) and of finding way too many things to *read*, and thus less time to post. So the LJ mostly comes to mind when I want to blog a trip...and coming up is a family trip to Italy.

Younger niece decided to apply for School Year Abroad in Italy for her junior year of high school, got accepted, and is living with a host family in Viterbo, north of Rome. I'm going with my brother's family, including sister-in-law's mom, to see her over winter break. (When SIL told me about niece's plans, she said "if she gets in, Christmas in Italy, right?" Right!)

We leave next Thursday, arrive in Rome at 8 AM Friday, spend a couple of days there, a couple of days in Viterbo including Christmas Eve dinner with the host family (communication will be through the niece), get up early Christmas Day and go to Venice by way of Rome. Then it will be a longer stay in Florence, one night in Sorrento so we can do Pompeii and the archaeological museum in Naples, then back to Rome to fly home. Two weeks total.

We've got some sightseeing planned like the Pompeii day, and advance tickets for the Uffizi and a guided tour of the Academia in Florence, but mostly we'll best we can with our diverse group of ages, physical conditions, and interests. It may be a lot of sitting in cafes and enjoying the atmosphere. We'll see.

Any "must see" recommendations are welcomed. coalboy, got any things we're likely to miss in Florence if we don't go looking for them? Rome is going to be frustrating, because there's so much there but we only have our (jet-lagged) arrival day plus one, and the Christmas crowds will be there. We tried to get tickets for the tour of the underbelly of the Colosseum, but it was sold out.
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