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I don't like getting up early, even when I don't have a cold...

Came down with a cold yesterday--a tickle in the throat became a cough-and-head cold. And then I had to go give a presentation today: got up at 5, left the house at 5:45, drove 120 miles to Columbus, Ga. Got registered, wandered through the exhibit hall collecting a few pens, a water bottle, and a coaster, then sat through an interminable Opening Session. Got lunch, fought and lost the battle to hook my Mac laptop to the LCD projector, and gave the presentation ("Water use in the U.S. and Georgia, 1950-2000") using a PC. No questions from the audience of about 15. Listened the following presentation, given by a friend (he got one question), and packed up. Did get one question as I packed, so at least someone cared a little. <g>

I did get to speak to Bill F., the one person I know who is in my professional life and in SF fandom. He stopped by to say he couldn't catch my presentation, as he needed to hear one in a concurrent session. Oh, well.

Anyway, I then hopped in the car and started back to Atlanta. Had to stop half-way for caffeine, as I was nodding over the wheel. Got shortly after 5, having had a miraculous speed-limit ride up the downtown connector circa 4:45 PM. Collapsed on the sofa until 6:30, when my wonderful sister-in-law delivered a plate of food. (I'd declined a supper invitation on the grounds of exhaustion and the need to quarantine my cold.) And now it's time for medicine and bed. Feels like I could sleep for 2 days..

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