Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Rest of Disney

Guess I stopped tweeting at the end of the Disney trip, so this fills in the last of the trip.

Dinner at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney was good as always, and despite having a very early reservation of 4:45 we caught a set of Irish dancing. We were also celebrating Carol's birthday a day early, and Doris and Charlie's 48th anniversary a little early (I don't recall the date for that). That got their desserts comped and presented with candles--apparently it's their policy. Afterwards we migrated in a loose group to the big Disney store and surrounding shops to spend money and pin-trade. After a while, Doris, Charlie, and I took the boat back to POR and Krissi and Carol made a dash to the Art of Animation resort gift shop in search of a T-shirt in the right size for Carol.

Sunday the 3rd I got up and did 2 loads of laundry, then Carol and I scootered and walked, respectively, down to Port Orleans French Quarter for hot beignets. Then there was assorted packing, the move of K's bags to my room, dealing with the check-out/check-in for that room, and seeing C,D,&C off on Magical Express to the airport. The room checkin was complicated because apparently the concierge who helped us earlier in the week hadn't actually managed to make the one-night reservation to extend K's and my stay. On the good side, we ended up getting a better rate--the same as we had paid for the weekend nights the rest of the time, instead of a $40 increase.

Hmm...what next? I think we then went to the MK, got cards, walked through the Emporium, then took the monorail to Epcot. We went to the Mexico pavilion so I could buy some "hot and salted tamarind pulp bars" that caught my eye earlier, took the Friendship Boat to the Germany dock, then walked and pin traded around the the International Gate and boated to the Beach Club resort. We snagged a real table (not counter stools) at Beaches and Cream by hitting the lull between afternoon ice cream time and dinner, and treated ourselves to food + ice cream. I got the tomato bisque plus 6-cheese grilled cheese, and manage to get what I really wanted for dessert: a one-scoop hot fudge+caramel sundae. To do this, you have to order a two-scoop sundae, hold the second scoop, otherwise you pay much more for an a la carte ice cream order. Previous attempts at this have resulted in getting the 2 scoops despite the order.

We were tired and it was chilly, so we skipped our last chance at Illuminations and took a boat to Hollywood Studios. I showed Krissi the two new-to-us pin boards I'd found, we shopped a bit, then headed to the resort.

Monday we got out fairly early and tried The Wave restaurant at the Contemporary Resort for breakfast. Got the buffet to try out their various specialties, and really liked the sweet potato pancakes and the Key lime hollandaise Eggs Benedict despite there being insufficient business to keep the buffet fresh. Then we walked to the MK, got a last set of cards for the trip, and bussed back to the resort to get our bags and check out. We got onto an 11:30 Magical Express bus (our reservation was for noon), got to the airport, and rented a car to drive to Jacksonville. See next rock for that one.


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