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Now I feel guilty

It was a chilly gray morning in Atlanta yesterday (apologies to those dealing with winter storm "Nemo" today, as chilly means about 48 F), and as I was sitting at my kitchen counter eating lunch I noticed a mockingbird and a brown headed nuthatch hanging around the empty bird feeders. In the bustle and amount of travel these last few months, I have let the bird feeding go--also discouraged by primarily feeding squirrels at all the feeders, even the "squirrel proof" ones. I dug out a suet cake, a squirrel log of compressed cornmeal, sunflower seeds, and a squirrel food mix of corn kernels, unshelled peanuts, sunflower seeds, and other stuff, and put it out. The squirrel mix went in a ground pan, the rest into feeders.

It took about 30 seconds from shutting the front door before the mockingbird was checking things out, warily. It wasn't first, though, as a not-so-wary downy woodpecker swooped in for first peck at the suet cake. Within 30 minutes I had:
Downy woodpecker
Red bellied woodpecker
Brown headed nuthatch
Pine warbler (well, one of the yellowish warblers, and the pine warbler is common)
plus 4 bluejays swooping in like an airlift operation after the peanuts. Which are a little big for their aerodynamics, so watching them fly off was amusing. Later a towhee appeared for ground scavenging, and today the mourning doves have found it too. Also a little tiny gray bird that I haven't gotten a good enough look at to identify, and a titmouse.

The squirrels found the peanuts, too, so the traffic was alternating squirrels and jays for a while. One squirrel was industriously hiding most of his peanuts in the deep litter of oak leaves around the feeder, never to be found again, I imagine.


Feb. 15th, 2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
We saw a downy woodpecker up close at Reynolds last week, the same day we saw 7 does, all because we had no camera. I saw a pair of bluebirds in my yard earlier this week. Fun!


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