Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Right after Disney...

The January-February trip to Disney World had been planned for months--my Disney excursions usually are, in part driven by my interest in trying lots of the restaurants that require a good bit of advance planning. This one was even more advance-planned by virtue of including Krissi's mom Doris, who's a superplanner. As my life has been rather over-full lately, it was great to just offer some input and let Doris work out the details.

What wasn't advance-planned was the meeting in Jacksonville, FL the week after. In fact, it was maybe 3 weeks ago that I got an email asking me to attend this meeting, and realized it was to start Tuesday after the Disney trip ended on Sunday. Better yet, Krissi was also to be at the meeting. We were just forced to stay at Disney World one extra night, then rent a car and drive the 2 hours to Jacksonville after a part-day at the Magic Kingdom. We both have annual passes so there was no extra ticket cost, and the rental car was cheaper to the government than our combined one-way flights to Jacksonville. Win-win. For a bonus, I managed a visit with cousins who live in Atlantic Beach--first cousins once removed, if I have the relationships straight. We had a great visit catching up on relatives on both sides, and I had put a few Italy pictures on my iPad to be able to give a short slide show.

The meeting lasted through Thursday, and both Krissi and I flew home Thursday night. I came home to rainy, chilly Atlanta (but then had a beautiful weekend until more rain came in) and Krissi beat the northeastern winter storm to upstate NY. It was nice that the travel all worked out well, and the Jacksonville meeting was productive, too. The cats are glad to have me home, though!

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