Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Trying to move from Google Reader

I procrastinated. I'm not sure if I'm paying for that or if this was inevitable, but....

I read just about everything but email lists and the SFF.Net newsgroups in Google Reader, including all the LJ I still try to track. Facebook is also non-Reader except for the page for Lois where I'm an admin0, but that's one reason I don't keep up with FB much--I'm over in Google Reader. When the announcement came out about the impending death of GR, I did some research, then decided to wait for things to shake out a little.

Now, in a flash <g>, GR goes away next week. I whipped over to Feedly and signed in to have them grab my GR account directly, and quickly discovered that in their move to a cloud system and in the face of masses of people searching for GR replacements, they made the decision to drop 'history' from the list of things they will import. All my starred items, and more important for me, my read/unread flags, are not there, and Feedly declared everything 'read' at the switch-over. Apparently this is supposed to be something you view as a minor inconvenience....

Jumped to The Old Reader, who asked for the subscriptions.xml from Google Takeout to import my feeds. That went well....but they don't have the history, either (it's not in that xml file or elsewhere in Takeout AFAIK). The Old Reader declared everything 'unread' at the time of import.

Guess I could alternate between the two, marking blocks read in TOR and keeping up with the newest in Feedly, but I think I'll do some additional searching for a feed reader which can go to GR and get my feeds and the read/unread flags. Stars are less important, as I use them less and have an IFTTT action to move them to Instapaper, anyway.

Anyone got suggestions? Ideally a service which supports an iOS app in addition to a web page reader, but I'll be getting less choosy as the week goes on.
Tags: computer

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