Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

It's dead, Jim

My first-generation iPad, that is. It slipped out of my hands and landed face-down on the tile floor--the glass is in pieces. It does still turn on, so I did a sync: data should be preserved.

Now I have to make a decision--I was planning to replace it once Apple made the expected announcement about a fifth generation iPad this fall, maybe with the current one, or if the new one sounds like a big improvement I'd go with that. I am not, however, willing to be without an iPad.

So: replace with a 4th gen equivalent to the dead one (64 GB, WiFi+ATT cellular), and try to resell it if I want an iPad 5?
Dump a bunch of stuff off it for now and get a 16 GB iPad 2, under the assumption I'll get that iPad 5 when it comes out?
Look at a iPad mini as a bridge purchase?

And I have to decide fast--I've got a trip starting Wednesday, and I want my iPad back for travel!
Tags: ipad

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