Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Another Atlanta Snowjam

They say we got about an inch, some parts of the city got two. Snow really got started about 12:30-1 PM, and everyone hit the road. Some of 'em are still on it--the Google traffic map still shows most of the interstates as red, a few as yellow. It's 9:40 PM. We really can't cope with snow 'round here.

I had a pretty easy time of it. The Center Director came by around 12:30 to say he was closing the office and we should go home. I didn't hurry with packing up (I was eating lunch at my desk when he came by) and I left about 1:10. A look at the traffic map told me the interstates were out, so I took my primary alternate route down Singleton Rd to Chamblee-Tucker Rd to Tucker, then headed west on Lavista Rd. Usually I do the westward bit on semi-parallel Lawrenceville Highway, but that would have put me on the wrong side of Burnt Fork Creek on Pangborn Road--which means down a steep hill on a pretty lightly traveled, shaded, 2-lane street...and back up another steep slope on the other side. From Lavista, it's pretty flat up to my subdivisiion entrance. I was home before 2 PM, maybe 10 minutes over the usual time for that route. I didn't see slush accumulating on the roads until I was a good way down Chamblee-Tucker.

As it won't get above freezing until Thursday, I'll work at home tomorrow. Don't need no icy roads, thanks.

Everyone next door is good, too. The kids were let out early enough that they beat not only most of the snow but the traffic, too. My brother never tried to go to his office, I think. Sister-in-law had the worst, as she teaches on the south side (the storm was worse to the south) and the school system was one of the last to dismiss their kids. I think it took her an hour and a half to get home--I haven't talked to her yet.

Niece raided my fridge for dinner go-withs, as the contents of the fridge at her house didn't appeal. She went off with lentil soup, sweet-potato-bacon cornbread, a little of a ground beef and Napa cabbage casserole, after sampling a cheddar olive and the sweet potato croquettes I'd made myself. Nephew appeared later to borrow cream, so he can make apple-cinnamon-pecan scones in the morning. Maybe I'll wait on my breakfast until the scones are ready.

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